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The purpose of this website is "to provide a channel which supports continuous communication between present and prospective stakeholders - staff, parents, students and other interested persons in the community." In this virtual space, we will share information about the curriculum, homework and school events; and make announcements to create awareness of policies which give life to the teaching/learning environment. We will provide timely feedback to concerns; and welcome suggestions to which can enhance the interactions between the school community and the public.


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Dr. Cynthia Russell

Our Mission

Our Vision

Minoah Magnet Academy of Math, Science and Technology will be the school of the first choice for parents and guardians in Antigua and Barbuda, ranking first in strong analytical, inferential, and scientific skills. We are committed to promoting the learning and success of all students.

To create Antigua's number one elementary educational institution.


  • First for students and parents
  • First for employees

Message From The Founder

Special Care Nursery and Preschool was started in March of 1990. Ten years later it was renamed Minoah Magnet Academy after Wilhelmina Minoah Joseph. The school added the elementary section in September of 2000.


The objective of Minoah Magnet Academy is to provide a fair educational opportunity to all children regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. The school thrives on the concept that all children learn in a variety of ways and therefore, we strive to meet the needs of all learning types.


The curriculum is of an accelerated nature which challenges the gifted and talented but it also meets the need of learners. Our reading program uses the best approaches and resources to achieve reading by age 4. The school prides itself on offering a well rounded service catering to the overall needs of each child. All areas of learning are addressed and the use of proper etiquette, use of proper English and character development are enforced.


We believe in order for anyone to be successful they must work hard and set a standard for themselves. Our goal is to develop students who reason, infer and analyzes well.




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